Rules of Quadna Mountain Townhouse Association

The Board of Directors of Quadna Mountain Townhouses Association, (the Board) is charged under Section 6.4 of the Bylaws of the Association with the power to "Adopt, amend and revoke Rules and Regulations not inconsistent with the Governing Documents….."

Every unit owner is responsible for full compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the Association. The Board of Directors is charged with their enforcement.

The Rules and Regulations contained in the following pages are in addition to those stated in the Declaration and Bylaws of Quadna Mountain Townhouses Association. In the event of any conflict among the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act (the Act), Declaration, Bylaws or the Rules and Regulations, the Act shall control. Among the Declaration, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations, the Declaration shall control. These Rules and Regulations will not reverse any previous action taken by the Board of Directors that was proper under the Declaration and Bylaws.

Association living is a unique style of ownership. Owners face certain differences that are not generally applicable to single family homeownership but are necessary to maintain the continued attractiveness and uniform appearance of the Association community. This document was written to inform you of the specific rules and regulations that govern the Association and the procedures which must be followed when any change, modification, or alteration to the buildings and grounds is considered.

These rules are intended to seek a balance between consistency and promotion of personal expression.

The recorded Quadna Mountain Townhouses Declaration, which is applicable to the property administered by the Association, restricts the right of a member (owner) to modify the exterior appearance of his home and adjacent common area without the consent of the Board. The Declaration also permits the Board to adopt reasonable Rules and Regulations aimed at controlling activities that disturb or damage our community and to enforce those Rules and Regulations.

Rules and Regulations are important in day-to-day communal living. Reasonable rules will help make the sharing of property convenient and enjoyable for all those involved. When Rules and Regulations are not followed, the Associationmust act firmly and impartially and, when necessary, impose penalties for violations.

None of the provisions contained in these Rules and Regulations shall be deemed to have been waived by reason of any failure to enforce the same.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Rules and Regulations found at this link.